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A Smokin’ Hot Evenin’

Just a few pics from my phonecam….bit tough taking good night shots from just a 2 mpxl cam. Had a great evening. Pity about the hour long delay caused by the lights hiccup…it got pretty cold then and the sap technicians were in shorts and sleeveless tees! Turned out the generator supporting the stagelights had broken down so rather than call off the show, the techs made the tough decision of sharing the power used for sound to support the lights as well. As it turned out, where we were seated in the front enclosure there was no discernible decrease in sound but it was pretty bad in the back so I just heard.

The band had started out around 7.20 and were well into it with Lay Back in the Arms of Someone when the stagelights conked out towards the end of the song. When they got back onstage, they gave us their all with all their big hits including Mexican Girl which they turned into Mizoram Girl 🙂 I’ll Meet you at Midnight, Needles and Pins etc etc. A little after 9.30 they said goodnight and left the stage. The crowd shouted “We want more, we want more!” and soon they came back on, this time all wearing a traditional Mizo kawr (forget what’s it called….it was probably courtesy the Art and Culture dept who were official sponsors). They then launched into that age-old Mizo favourite by John Fogerty and CCR, Have You Ever Seen the Rain….fabulous response and singalong by the audience! Then as a finale, the song that everybody knows Smokie by, Living Next Door to Alice. A section of the crowd standing just next to us, helpfully chanted in “Who’s Alice…who the **** is Alice” which totally cracked up the band…and then it was all over…sigh.

We had a pretty good crowd, lots of us old fogeys as expected, reliving the past. BSNL was down initially so cellphones were pretty useless but the lines picked up later and there were lots of neon lights being waved around in the darkness as ppl got their near and dear ones to have a listen-in. Spikey’s parents lost each other as announced by C.Dina over the PA system…his dad requested his mum to wait for him by the 1 grand gate. Hopefully they watched the show together 😀

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