Mobile Phones: What a menace

When my younger brother dropped out of NIFT-Delhi, he was like, “fashion designing is for sissies. I hate NIFT!” :P. Now after three years in Delhi’s College of Fine Arts, he’s managed to create his own portfolio, sharing some of his work.
Tools used: Chelpark ink and a fountain pen.

I guess Spikey and Father will be the best judge. Spikey, we talk a lot about your work 🙂

The title for the first one is “Mobile Phones: What a menace

And this one is “Unicorn

Edited: Ben, for some reasons I can’t post my comments. So posting the comments here “Father, as far as coloring is concerned, you’re way way better, loved your work at 🙂

As far as that unicorn is concerned, it seems that idea was to ask the unicorn jump from a white world to a black world,
that’s what I was told (ka ngaihtuah pha lo tawp, a nalh ka lo ti ve tawp mai a! 😀

DD, your comment is REALLY motivating! 🙂

Now, where the hell is spikey? :P”

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