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phpBB3 is released

phpBB, the number 1 open source bulletin board in the world and used in many Mizo sites , has released phpBB3 “Olympus” (finally!). I for one have played around with it, but never used it. Some major enhancements include rounded corners and some security fixes. Other than that, I personally like the new looks.

Besides the already available features, one can now send private messages to multiple recipients, to groups,  forward messages, send BCC’s, attach files to PM’s, and the list goes on. If you guys have been members at sites like, or, to name a few, you’d know what I mean. Shoutbox-ah “Check PM!” tih lai kha. Ring a bell?  😉

So any site admins planning to take the plunge? 😉

Click here for the full features list, and click here to download the latest release.

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