Leeroy Jenkins

Leeroy jenkins hi world of warcraft a character pakhat Ben schulz a khelh bik a nia . 2005 khan world of warcraft online game khel ho thin guild pakhat- Pals for life ho chuan ‘Upper Blackrock spire’ an tih hmun ah an hmelma ‘Rookery’ te beih dan tur an rel a an buai khawp mai a . Chutih lai chuan leeroy jenkins changtu Ben-a chu arsa ei in a AFK a (away from keyboard)  an pawl te thurel hre hauh lovin a rawn let chuan a hming chhal in puk ah an hmelma bei tur in a tlanluh san a .

A  pawl te chuan mak ti bawk si …laklawh bawk si in an um zui a ……an thih phah ta phiar a . He an warcraft khelh video hi ‘A rough go’ ti in world of warcraft forum ah an post a . Download tu 1 million a tling thuai awm a Internet phenomenon an a ni nghal a. Trading card te an siam a. leeroooyyyyyyy tih hi ti bam vek sawi nan te an hmang a.

A tam mai ……hei a video
A transcript:

Player 1: [talking to teammates outside cave] OK guys, these eggs
have given us a lot of trouble in the past, uh does anybody need
anything off this guy or can we bypass him?
Player 2: Uhh, I think Leeroy needs something from this guy.
Player 1: Oh, does he need those Devout Shoulders? Doesn’t – isn’t
he a paladin?
Player 2: Yeah, but that will help him heal better, he’ll have more
Player 1: [sighs] Christ. OK, uhh well what we’ll do, I’ll run in
first, uh gather up all the eggs, we can kinda just, ya know blast
them all down with AOE. Um, I will use Intimidating Shout, to kinda
scatter’em, so we don’t have to fight a whole bunch of them at once.
Uhh, when my Shouts are done, uhh, I’ll need Anfrony to come in and
drop his Shout too, uh so we can keep them scattered and not have to
fight too many. Um, when his is done, Bass of course will need to
run in and do the same thing. Uhh, we’re gonna need Divine
Intervention on our mages, uhh so they can, uhh, AE, uh so we can of
course get them down fast, cause we’re bringing all these guys, I
mean, we’ll be in trouble if we don’t take them down quick. Uhh I
think this is a pretty good plan, we should be able to pull it off
this time. Uhh, what do you think Abduhl? Can you give me a number
crunch real quick?
Abduhl: Uhhh.. yeah gimme a sec… I’m coming up with thirty-two
point three three, repeating of course, percentage, of survival.
Player 1: That’s a lot better than we usually do, uhh, alright, you
think we’re ready guys? [interrupted]
Leeroy: All right chums, I’m (back)! Let’s do this! LEEROOOOOOOY
JEEENKIIIIIINSSS!!! [runs into cave]
-Short pause-
Player 2: [incredulous] … Oh my God he just ran in. [runs in]
Player 1: Save him! Oh jeez, stick to the plan. Oh jeez, let’s go,
let’s go! [follows]
Player 1 [laughing]: Stick to the plan guys, stick to the plan!
Player 1: Oh jeez, oh fuck.
[Indistinguishable]: Gimme a Divine Intervention, hurry up.
Player 1: Shoutin’!
Player 3: I can’t cast! I can’t move, am I lagging, guys? I can’t
Player 1: What the—what the hell?
[Another Player]: I can’t AE!
Player 3: I can’t move!
Player 1: Oh my God…
[Another Player]: The eggs keep respawning! More respawning!!
[Indistinguishable]: I don’t think you can cast with that shit on!
[Another player]: Oh my God!
Leeroy: We got em, we got em! I got it, I got it.
Player 2: Take it off! Take it off! [muffled shouts]
Player 1: Stay down, Stay down. Oh my God..
Player 1: Goddamnit Leeroy! Goddamn it…
[Various others]: Yeah, Leeroy you moron, Leeroy! [various put-downs
of Leeroy amongst group]
Player 1: Listen, this is ridiculous.
[Indistinguishable]: You dumbass.
Leeroy: I’m on it.
Player 1: I’m down, Forekin down. Goddamnit. [shouting, then a
pause, followed by other put-downs] Why do you do this shit, Leeroy?
[Another Player]: Spiffy, rez us! Spiffy, rez us!
Player 2: I’m trying!
Leeroy [crying]: It’s not my fault!
Player 1: Who’s Soulstoned? We do have a Soulstone up, don’t we?
[everyone dies] Think I need a Soulstone?
Player 2: Yeah but you need a Warlock.
Player 2 [noticing everybody is dead]: … Oh God…
Player 1: Oh for – [sighs] Great job! For Christ’s sake!
[indistinguishable – possibly “I tried”] Leeroy, you are just stupid
as hell.
[Loopy]: Oh my God…
Leeroy: … At least I have chicken…

Year One movie khan an copy bawk;

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