For Tibetans, the Zos My People and Others

Sources: http://shauzelsailo.blogspot.com/ (- Tar leh mit chaklote tan)

I believe we all have heard of suicides including self-immolation, this have been a concern for me, but my concern is renewed when I saw a picture of a self-immolating Tibetan in burning himself for free Tibet from China, on a website. I was taken to it when I click a link of someone’s tweet on twitter.

If the reasons freedom fighters commit self-immolation or suicide are because they want freedom and to be a master upon themselves, self immolation or to hurt or kill oneself is courageous but the most foolish act.
Maybe some people self-immolate because they are taught no to violence, in other words not to kill, of harm enemy by voilence, and because they want quick and effective action and consider that self immolation is the quick and effective way without really realizing how short and ineffective self immolation really is. And they did not realize that when they self immolate they do not free themselves but they free their own enemies from themselves.

Everyone should know that self immolation is not an idea or part of non-violence and never will it be its idea or part. It is not even the way to get any freedom and independence. Self-immolation or suicide does not speak or shout louder and is not more effective than fighting and dying in the hands of enemies, violence or non-violence movement, instead it makes your enemies happy.

Of course, when one burn himself, his enemy will not come, care and give him food, instead they will want all of them to burned themselves to death. And if all the freedom fighter self immolate, who will fight for freedom? There will be no one, and freedom is never. Therefore, it is certain that self immolation is not the way to get freedom and independence. It is not even the act of true leaders, and true leaders will never supports but condemns it.

It will not even attract or gain new supporter but instead it dissappoint supporters, stop potential new supporters from supporting the cause and may even drive away some old supporters, as such act call for supporters to do the same, in other words to self immolate themselves also. And, no one will really support it as it is a foolish act and as it would mean that they promote self immolation. Though some people may seems to support it but the real reason they did was and what they really support was not the self immolator or suicider, not self immolation or suicide but the cause, they support the needy, that they should be given freedom. Then, the news of self immolation may seems to be widespread at times but what interest the people, or what they want to know was the incident and that does not mean they support it.

It maybe hard to accept these things for those who are involving in such foolish act but when you realize that its true you will thank me. and I hope such activity ends from this moment.

If freedom fighters really want freedom and have the courage to bear pain and fear no death and if non-violence is their real principle they should hunger strike repeatedly one day at a time or as they wish but repeatedly, do long marches, surround and stay around the official buildings, strive for freedom meetings and keep on meeting with the appropriate person until they get freedom. Thats the non-violence way to show how much they need freedom, how strong and determined they are and how much they can bear and that they will not give up unless they get freedom.

Though one may suffer severe objection even pain and possible death, does that really matters? if one have the courage to inflict oneself with severe pain and fear no death, really severe objection, pain and even death caused by enemies does not matter at all but honourable.

If death and violence does not matter freedom fighter should fight for freedom the violence way. But, we should know there are two ways of fighting for freedom: violence and non violence. And I will not encourage violence but non-violence. Self-immolation or suicide is a part of violence and it the most ineffective violence, for many things one can do from there after is ended in that point by killing oneself to death or making oneself handicapped.

Therefore, individual or people who fight for freedom but don’t want to use violence, whose real principle is non-violence, should never commit such most foolish act, self-immolation or suicide, for it is violence itself. In other words, it is violence to self, so it is self-violence. And self-immolation itself is suicide, it is just another name for suicide.

Instead freedom fighters should keep themselves, no matter they used violence or non violence, they should keep themselves healthy, strong, fit and wise, for thats the best, and it is the basic and most essential for a long fight and getting freedom. This way one can see how much one can do, how long one can fight and how far one can achieve more than self-immolation. Afterall, as long as one is alive, one can achieve many great things, including one’s own great dreams or wish.

That’s the way of non-violence for this earthly freedom but though me and my fellow people, the Zos (Zo People, pronunciation ‘Zou’ ) whose land and people are divided to Bangladesh, India and Myanmar, do also want independence I’d not encourage my people and others to fight for independence as this earthly kingdom will not last forever, instead the world is approching its end and it is near.

But what I want for me and my people and those other people who are under other nations, including the Tibetans are:

1. Acknowledged and approved us that we are different nations by the nations where we or our lands are divided or who overtakes others’ lands and by the world and United Nations Organization. We should to respect one another, unite for good purpose and future and live as brothers and sisters with love, and the countries should be democratic.

2. Changed the current particular name of such two or more nations inhabited countries, example Bangladesh to United Nations of Lower Brahmaputra, India to United Nations of West South Himalayas, Myanmar to United Nations of Gold Sand, China to TiChi, ChiTi or United Nations of East North Himalayas or something like that but anything which the nations in such countries agreed together.

It is not to compare with United States of America (which was named after Amerigo Vespucci answers.yahoo.com) and Australia (which mean ‘Southern’ au.answers.yahoo.com), where everyone living in it can be called and be so American and Aussies as the name America and Australia does not refer to any particular nation or people, not even the native people. Therefore it represents all the people living in it and no one or particular people or race should boast that it belongs to them only but to all the people living in it, so they should respect one another and live with peace and love. Afterall, except the native people, all other peoples were immigrants from different countries around the world.

Significant countries, as in  en.wikipedia.org, that change their names withour refering to any particular peoples in the countries are, with the old names, New Holland but now Australia (pre British discovery), Ubangi-Shari but to Central African Republic (1958) and to Central African Empire (1976) but now to Central African Republic (1979), etc.

3. A special passport, eg. People of Zo, Special Passport (issued by the governments, to the governments, we the divided people are divided, and recognize by the world, UNO or issued by UNO and recognized by every country) for the divided nations so that we can move to the countries where we are divided (by the divide and rule policy applied by the British empire in the past) freely, openly and as we wish without any objection from the central governments.

If we are not given these things we should be allowed to have independence and no government should barred us from it. But if the first and third things are passed I don’t care the second thing I want for divided peoples including my own people, but the second thing will be important to those people who are not divided and inhibit a country with other people to established peace, unity and love.

Since, it was the British empire that had divided us, the Zos, in three countries while we are not well educated with the politics of the world and not advanced, I call Her Majesty, the Queen of United Kingdom to feel oblige to support us, and also to other peoples that is applicable, get what is true, good, beneficial and best for us, that which we really wants.

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chhangteval August 20, 2012 at 12:59 PM

Kawmen ka hawng e

ɪ̣uɪ̣pnoɥ August 20, 2012 at 1:01 PM

Very very good. Kan lawm lutuk e, nangin min rawn ngaihtuah a… (Y)

ulawng August 20, 2012 at 1:12 PM

A rualin post a chhuak a ni maw? Khawi zawk nge ka chhiar hmasak ang aw.. :-S

James Bond August 20, 2012 at 1:24 PM

It is very difficult to fight China, the emerging Super Power which every nation and company try to please. Chinese leaders care least about loss of life by its own people, let alone Tibetans. Suicide is a crime in many countries. But in case of Tibetans who have little choice, it is probably the only way to fight their cause. The Chinese government may not care for life of Tibetans, but they care a lot about their face. They are very concerned about the self immolation. So they strictly censored every video of such incidents. But when President Hu Jintao visited India for BRICS Summit, they could not block video a self-immolation of a young Tibetan boy. That video spread all over the world. Poor man.

Lamji August 20, 2012 at 2:03 PM

Sap tawng te hian ziak leh zel lo teh u hnam dang hian kan buaina fahrah te te hi an lo hria anga an ti alh hluai ang tih a hlauhawm alawm le. 🙂

lrpa August 20, 2012 at 3:25 PM

Ziak tha khawp e. Chhiar puat puat a. ZORO lam rawng kai deuh anih hi a, miin hetiang lam a beisei tlat chuan bei vak se a pawina ka hre lo! Mahse keini, mahni state pual nei, in lungrual, tawng khat hmang (more or less!) tan hian ‘bet’ a sang deuh ani ka ti! Duhthusam in lo in chhungkhawm thei pawh ni ila..next step tur chu in then hranna ani tho tho!


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